We can't stop the warming if we don't stop the wars!

what Is Ecocide?


Ecocide is the "extensive loss or damage to, or destruction of ecosystem(s) of a given territory(ies), such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished."* 

Corporate, governmental and state-sponsored human activities such as fracking, drilling, strip-mining, armed conflict and massive chemical spills or dumps perpetrate ecocide.

*Submitted to the UN Law Commission in 2010 by UK barrister Polly Higgins.

america's War on the world


The Pentagon has the largest carbon footprint of any enterprise on the planet and is the single greatest manufacturer and dispenser of toxins like Agent Orange and nuclear waste that decimate ecosystems. We cannot save humanity and a million or so other species from the Sixth Extinction while waging war. 

The Fifth GENEVA Convention


A Fifth Geneva Convention would provide a multilateral treaty that includes legal instruments for site-based protection of crucial natural resources.  A growing number of environmental experts, including 24 prominent scientists from around the world, are calling for a new Geneva Convention to hold governments responsible for the environmental damage their armed forces inflict in war zones. 


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